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Work & PR

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada?

Do you want a Job lined up for you before you arrive to Canada?

Now is your chance!!

Contact us today so we can start the process of your immigration to Canada and assist you in finding a Job as well!

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Immigration Plan & Strategy

Case Study of the applicant’s background and information and finding the best program for the applicant to receive Canadian PR with.

Job Training and Employment

Adjusting the applicant's resume/CV, Linked In and all related social media to job search and job application with our partner company in Vancouver Canada that specializes in this sort of training.

Provide the applicant with ample job opportunities to work in Canada by locating employers for the applicant.

Job Interview
Colleagues at Work

Work Permit

After the applicant successfully receive a valid job offer, we apply for work permit for the applicant and any accompanying family members

Permanent Residency

Once the applicant completes meets the PR requirements of the program we apply for the applicant and accompanying family members to receive their PR in Canada

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Book a consultation 

Book a consultation with us to take your first step into immigrating to Canada

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