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Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is the Canadian way of saying “let’s bring the family together”. In Canada around 100,000 immigrants obtain their PR through the family sponsorship program.

Canada values families, that’s why the family reunification program was created. Family sponsorship is meant to bring families closer. Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for PR through the family sponsorship program, but those who do must meet certain eligibility requirements which include both: the applicant and the person sponsoring him/her (sponsor).

Between 2022 – 2024 Canada is planning to issue 100, 000 Permanent Resident visas each year based on family sponsorship program.

Spouses and children consist ¾ of all sponsorship application. While parents and grandparents are only ¼. 

What you need to know about Canadian Immigration Sponsorship Program?

Family reunification is the second largest source of immigrants coming to Canada after skilled workers. It contributes to raise the economy by bringing families together. Usually, you can sponsor mostly your spouse, your child, or your parents and grandparents. Depending on whom are you sponsoring, the requirements and the process are different.

You can schedule a consultation to discuss your options with our licensed immigration consultant or you can try our evaluation tool and fill your information to check your eligibility for a sponsorship application.

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Spouse Sponsorship

Canadian citizens or permanent resident can sponsor:

–        Spouse (married partner)

–        Common-law partner (not married but living together for more than 12 months)

–        Conjugal partner (not married or common-law partner and living outside Canada)

Each of the mentioned above is slightly different than the others when it comes to submitting the application.

As Canadian Citizen or PR to sponsor someone you need to be at least:

–        18 years or older.

–        Living in Canada (not applicable to you if you are a Citizen).

–        Prove to the IRCC officer that you are able to provide for both yourself and your partner.

–        Prove to the IRCC officer that your relationship with your partner is genuine and real.

Your partner (person being sponsored) must be at least 18 years

You have two ways for processing the sponsorship.

  • Inland: The application can be made from within Canada because the person you wish to sponsor is currently inside of Canada. This package also includes the right for your spouse to apply and to receive an open work permit, while waiting for a decision on your application.

  • Outland: The application is made from abroad through an Embassy or Consulate. In this case, your spouse resides abroad and will wait for permanent residence outside of Canada.

Dependent Child Sponsorship

As a Canadian citizen or permanent residence, you can sponsor your (biological child or adopted child) to come and live with you in Canada as a permanent residence.

In certain situations, your children from previous marriages who did not accompany you when you received your PR status. But a bit later you decide to bring them to Canada.

This process is called “sponsor a child”.

You may sponsor your dependent children, natural or adopted, as you are a permanent resident of Canada. To start the process, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Your child is not married and is under 22 years old (!!!! Your request to sponsor a child must be received by IRCC before child turns 22 y.o.)

  • If a child has medical or physical condition, he/she may be sponsored being over 22 years old.

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Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship (PGP)

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents can sponsor their parents and grandparents to come to Canada and live permanently.

The hardest part of this program is to have a minimum necessary income established by the federal government and to win a lottery to be invited to submit an application for your parents’ sponsorship.

A huge advantage may be that your partner can co-sign with you the financial obligation to help you to meet the minimum income requirement required to sponsor your parents or grandparents.

Check our evaluation forms to check if you meet the eligibility criteria required by IRCC


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