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Universities & Colleges

Our Parnters

The following is a list of Canadian Universities and Colleges offering a variety of programs in cities all around Canada where you can find the best program suitable for you in the city of your choosing.

We communicate on our Client's behalf to obtain all the necessary documents to apply for a study permit in a timely manner that saves our clients weeks of communication with the educational institution and avoid any miscommunication with any university or college that may lead to more delayed applications

We send our interested clients all the information they need about the programs offered by any of the institutions listed below

Doing so will save you weeks to few months of trying to contact the college or university with all the communication back and forth.

All our partners offer PGWP after graduation allowing their students to obtain work permit for up to 3 years after graduation


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Book a consultation with us to so we can help you choose the best university or college for your career path and future

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