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Moving to a new country is a once in a lifetime adventure. Allow a professional to take care of the procedure, so you can fully enjoy your new start.   

Canada is dependent on its growth on immigrants, the country is massive in size (2nd largest country in the world) and small in population to fill in the land, Canada is planning to increase the number of immigrants each year issuing 401,000 Permanent Residencies during 2021 and announced its plan to issue 411,000 Permanent Residencies for the year 2022 and 421,000 Permanent Residencies for the year 2023, an increase by nearly 100,000 each year from previous decade numbers.
A number of changes happened to most immigration programs, visas, work & study permits whether it is new forms to fill up or new documents to be submitted that were not required before, new ways to submit immigration applications, even new programs, temporary and permanent, introduced on both federal and provincial level since the start of the pandemic.

Immigration News & Updates

citizens of Syria and Turkey can apply for open work permit inside of Canada

From 29 of March 2023 till 25 of September citizens of Syria and Turkey will be processed under the special priority measures:

  • Applications for TRV visas, study or work permits from the impacted areas will be prioritized

  • They can EXTEND their visitor status, study and work permit free of charge!

  • Their application processing time will be prioritized

  • Can apply for an OPEN WORK PERMIT for three years if already in Canada

  • NO COST for Canadian passports, PR-cards renewal or travel documents for Syrians and Turkish citizens in Turkey or Syria.

PGWP holders will have right for an additional extension of their PGWP for additional 18 months:

Who may apply:

  • Your PGWP is about to expire or is already expired in 2023 or 2022

  • This is your FIRST EXTENSION of PGWP

  • Policy starts from April 6 2023

  • You HAVEE RIGHT to be covered by this policy even if you have lost your status and more than 90 days passed since you have lost it (!!!)

Краткий очерк новостей иммиграции за последние 2 недели.

Срез новостей по иммиграции с 15 по 30 апреля – какие провинции приглашали кандидатов на ПМЖ и на каких условиях

Иммигрировать можно только с контрактом на работу? – НЕПРАВДА!

Работа для детей. Со скольки лет можно работать в Канаде подросткам? Буду признательна за репостинг, так как информация важная и ценная)

the Government of Canada announced a suite of measures designed to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its repression of peaceful protests against the tragic killing of Mahsa Amini by the regime’s ‘morality police.’

From February 9, 2023 until February 28, 2024 the Iranian Nationals will be covered by special policy which includes priority processing and fee waiver.

This public policy will allow eligible Iranian nationals currently in Canada as temporary residents to apply for the following at no cost:

· extension of their temporary resident status in Canada

· open work permits

· study permits

Eligible applications submitted in Canada will be processed on a priority basis.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents living in Iran will also be able to apply for the following documents, at no cost, to help facilitate their travel:

· limited-validity Canadian passports

· Canadian citizenship certificates

· permanent resident travel documents

Our Team

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Oleksandra Melnykova

Mohammad Kattab


When you book an appointment with us, you will speak with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who is licensed and in good standing with the College of Immigration Consultants (formerly ICCRC).

If you decide to retain SKI Immigration to assist with your immigration matter within 7 days of your consultation appointment, the fee you have already paid will be discounted from the cost of your service.

We offer the following types of consultations:

Immigration Consultation

60 Minutes - $225

Email Consultation 1- 4 Complex Questions
Limit 300 Words


Medical & Criminal Inadmissibility Consultation
PR obligation/application appeal Consultation
Deportation orders Consultation

60 Minutes - $400

Business Immigration Consultation

60 Minutes - $400

Refugee Case / PRRA Consultation

60 Minutes - $400

Immigration Plan and Strategy


Emergency Immigration Consultation (within 24 hours)

60 Minutes - $350

Emergency Medical & Criminal Inadmissibility Consultation (within 24 hours)

Emergency PR obligation/application appeal Consultation (within 24 hours)

Emergency Deportation orders Consultation (within 24 hours)

60 Minutes - $600


Book a consultation 

Book a consultation with us to to take your first step into immigrating to Canada

Why Choose SKI Immigration?

  • Immigration experience more than 15 years (Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East)

  • High success rate and high-end results

  • In good standing with CICC

  • Always on the lookout for new Canadian Immigration programs that benefits our customers

  • Ability and strategy to think outside the box

  • We know “pitfalls”, where are your weak points and how to represent them smart (that’s why we are “skiing”)

  • We are pro-active (always trying to leave a back-up option)

  • Always following updates (!!!), extremely important with current coronavirus pandemic

  • An active member of many immigration associations, participate in many forums, webinars, professional immigration courses.

  • Extremely advocating when represent our clients including application re-submission, re-applying, and find a way where no one else can.

Our Services

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